About Harita Bhoomi

Harita Bhoomi is a leading platform dedicated to facilitating real estate sales and purchases specifically for agricultural lands in Telangana. Our focus is to connect buyers and sellers in the agricultural sector, providing a transparent, efficient, and secure marketplace for land transactions.

The lands, listed on Harita Bhoomi, enjoy a strategic advantage due to their proximity to state highways and national highways. The platform ensures that these properties are well-connected to smooth, bitumen-surfaced roads, enabling easy access to major transportation routes.

One of the standout features of the agricultural lands listed on Harita Bhoomi is their exceptional water irrigation facilities. These lands are equipped with efficient irrigation systems that enable farmers to effectively manage and utilize water resources for their crops. Moreover, they boast substantial underground water reserves, ensuring a consistent and reliable water supply throughout the year.

At Harita Bhoomi, we enable sellers to showcase their agricultural lands to a wide audience of potential buyers. Sellers can create detailed listings that highlight essential information about the land, such as location, size, soil quality, water availability, and any existing infrastructure. We empower sellers to present their properties in the best light, attracting interested buyers who are seeking agricultural land for various purposes.

For buyers, Harita Bhoomi offers a comprehensive platform to explore and evaluate available agricultural lands for purchase. Our user-friendly interface and search filters enable buyers to refine their search based on specific criteria, such as location, land size, budget, and desired features. Buyers can access detailed information about listed properties, including images, land attributes, legal documentation, and any additional certifications or permits.

Transparent and Secure Transactions:
Harita Bhoomi prioritizes transparency and security in all land transactions. We verify the authenticity and legality of land titles and ensure that all necessary documents are in order. Through our platform, buyers and sellers can communicate directly, negotiate terms, and finalize agreements. Our secure payment gateway provides a seamless transaction process, assuring both parties that their interests are protected.

Professional Support:
To facilitate a smooth sales and purchase experience, Harita Bhoomi offers access to a network of trusted professionals, including legal experts, surveyors, and financial advisors. These professionals can assist buyers and sellers with due diligence, legal documentation, land surveys, and financing options, ensuring a seamless and well-informed transaction.

Whether you are looking to sell or purchase agricultural land, Harita Bhoomi is dedicated to providing a reliable and efficient platform that caters specifically to the real estate needs of the agricultural sector. With our commitment to transparency, security, and professional support, we aim to facilitate successful transactions and contribute to the growth and development of the agricultural real estate market.

About Founder

Ms. Cherukuri Harika

From my childhood onwards I have a desire to do business but as I was good in academics everyone motivated to complete the UG/PG & get settled in an MNC which I followed without a pause. But when my grandfather expired who was the head of our family & used to maintain our lands, that responsibility came to my father & me where we need to take a charge of our lands. At that time I was in another metropolitan city working for a MNC. Though we had proper documents of our lands, our neighbouring land owners started grabbing piece of land near the boundaries & it used to be difficult for us to do frequent visits of our lands & follow-up to maintain.

Later from the research I did, we found that there are many land owners (in India as well as abroad) who are facing similar kind of problem. This challenge is the cornerstone for this budding company named “Harita Bhoomi”. The company aims to solve all these problems being faced by agricultural land owners by providing free land maintenance for 2 years who buys lands from our company & after 2 years we do provide paid services which includes frequent visits to your farm lands, providing timely updates and guide in resolving issues faced.

In short, Harita Bhoomi was started with a desire to establish an organization so that investors of agricultural lands can live with the belief that no matter where they are, their lands are protected in a safe entity.