6 Acres of Commercial property for sale

✅Clear titled land
✅Just 3 km from Chandanvelly
✅30 km away from shamshabad
✅3 crores
✅Microsoft has reportedly acquired 52 Acres in Chandanvelly
✅Amazon, Microsoft, Kitex garments ,Welspun India Ltd are setting up their units in this clusters.
✅Suitable place for industrial developments
Best place for investment
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About Harita Bhoomi

Harita Bhoomi is a leading platform dedicated to facilitating real estate sales and purchases specifically for agricultural lands in Telangana. Our focus is to connect buyers and sellers in the agricultural sector, providing a transparent, efficient, and secure marketplace for land transactions.

The lands, listed on Harita Bhoomi, enjoy a strategic advantage due to their proximity to state highways and national highways. The platform ensures that these properties are well-connected to smooth, bitumen-surfaced roads, enabling easy access to major transportation routes.

One of the standout features of the agricultural lands listed on Harita Bhoomi is their exceptional water irrigation facilities. These lands are equipped with efficient irrigation systems that enable farmers to effectively manage and utilize water resources for their crops. Moreover, they boast substantial underground water reserves, ensuring a consistent and reliable water supply throughout the year.